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Mischief Candles

Funny Engagement Gift For Fiancé Pink Candle Smugly Engaged Era

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Celebrate your favourite couple in style with this funny engagement gift. The cheeky message reads ‘In our smugly engaged era’ on a bold red and pink label, making a statement in any space. Embrace the smugness and let this candle light the way to future adventures together. Each candle is filled with a natural soy wax and premium fragrance oil. Hand poured in our Manchester workshop, our candles are created to order before being beautifully packed by hand in 100% recyclable packaging. SCENTS 4 delicious scents to pick from: Secret Beach Club Secret Beach Club is an indulgent combination of coconut, pineapple and peach. Pink Blossom Pink Blossom has a bold base of amber and vanilla with sweet notes of peach and jasmine. Chilled Vibes Chilled Vibes perfectly balances fresh citrus with eucalyptus on a calming floral base. Midnight Queen Midnight Queen combines jasmine and oud with exotic spices on a woody base.